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'Walking Dead' Spin-Off Coming in 2015

And no, we don’t mean “Talking Dead.”

The series, according to AMC and executive producers including the show and comic’s creator, Robert Kirkman, will explore another corner of the universe created by the television series and be wholly independent from the comic books. That means no adaptations and no characters plucked from the pages. It’ll be a clean slate and live and breathe (and/or shuffle by groaning for brains) on its own.

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Comics legend Rob Liefeld post an Instgram video of himself on a toilet singing the them song to “Game of Thrones.”

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Mezco Toyz gave us a tour of their facility and opened up their vault to show us all of the coolest toys, including BREAKING BAD ACTION FIGURES.


Ben Affleck is 'Batman' for 'Man of Steel' Sequel

Even though it’s The Hollywood Reporter breaking it, which means it’s most likely legit, it still seems too weird/strange to be true. 

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Masters Of The Universe #3, September 1986

That playset, though. It was MUST. HAVE.

This new Thor movie looks kind of weird.